A personal message from Richard and Linda Eyre

We think that maybe the best way to introduce this book and the cause that it represents is to ask you the same questions that we asked ourselves. So to start, please answer 4 personal questions in your mind, and then read on:

1. What is the most important thing in your life?

2. To what are you devoting the most time, effort, and thought?

3. Do your answers to questions 1 and 2 match?

4. Are there some fundamental principles which, when followed, taught, and implemented, can make your family culture stronger than all the other cultures that swirl around our children?

We have found that the most common answers throughout the world are: 1. Family, 2. Work, 3. No, 4. Yes, but I’m not sure I know or practice them.

Now please answer in your mind 3 more “macro” or societal questions:

5. What single thing would do the most toward solving the world’s problems?

6. Today, in balance, do the larger institutions of Media, Internet, Big Business, Education, and Government help or hurt families?

7. What would it take to persuade these larger institutions to do less that harms families and more that helps and supports them?

Our answers (see if you agree): 5. Stronger families, 6. Hurt. 7. A Movement.

The first goal of The Turning is to give parents and potential parents both the principles and the motivation to accomplish number 4, to turn number 3 to a yes, and to make numbers 1 and 2 match.

The second goal of The Turning is to outline a virtual coalition of parents and opinion leaders and start a movement to convince larger institutions that it is in their best interest to do all in their power to strengthen and support families.

We see this book as the clarifier of a cause and the manifesto of a movement! JOIN US! Read the book, pass it on, embrace the cause, MAKE THE TURN!

—Linda and Richard Eyre

About Richard and Linda

Linda is a musician and teacher and the founder of JoySchools.com and ValuesParenting.com. Richard is a Harvard Business School–trained management consultant, former Director of the White House Conference on Parents and Children, Gubernatorial candidate, and a ranked senior tennis player. Together, the Eyres are the authors of forty books, the parents of nine, and the grandparents of twenty-six. They have been guests on most national TV morning and talk shows and for a time had a regular segment on CBS This Morning. They now spend full time writing and speaking on family strategies and life-balance to parents, teachers, and business and government leaders throughout the world. When they come home, it is to Park City, Utah, or to their intimate “Eyrealm” compound in Bear Lake, Idaho, where the family gathers each summer.

All of Eyrealm shares the goal of promoting family-centric lifestyles and is trying to help expand and energize the global movement in which society’s most powerful engines of change become more involved in fortifying families by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, bolstering balance, and validating values.