Read the book that’s starting a movement.

“I could not read this book on a couch. It made me stand up and commit again that my family and our love of God are my work.” —Clayton Christensen, World’s Most Influential Management Thinker (Forbes).

It is easy to find alarming statistics on escalating violence, addiction, and economic inequality in developed countries and stubborn poverty in the third world. The fascinating question has to do with cause. New York Times #1 bestselling authors Richard and Linda Eyre’s new book contends that the social and economic challenges faced not only in the United States, but throughout the world, are the direct result of an unprecedented and widespread turning away from family.

In the spirit of Friedman’s The World is Flat, Richard and Linda Eyre examine the connections between the world’s mounting social problems and the breakdown of families and look deeply at the root causes of family disintegration—the false paradigms that confuse the priorities of parents and influence the kind of policies and practices in larger institutions (from media to government) that threaten families both economically and emotionally.

Then, most importantly, this book tells us what we can do about it, first within our own homes as we create family cultures that are stronger than the other toxic cultures that swirl around our children, and second within a new movement that demands that larger institutions give parents more help and support.